Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer



Our range of high-quality Magnetic Stirrers allows heating and stirring to be performed either separately or simultaneously.

The top plate is aluminium die casting, coated with ceramic and is very resistant to corrosive chemicals and easy to clean. It provides rapid heating and excellent thermal distribution.

Generally used for warming and mixing applications, standard reagent mixing and heating and general microbiological applications.

The temperature is controlled with a simmerstat control and the stirring speed can be controlled between 100 and 1500 rpms with a stirring capacity up to 3 litres.

Available as digital controls or with the controls on an extended lead to remove them from the harsh environment.

We offer other types of Hot Plates (and from different brands) - contact us to discuss your applications/requirements.


Stirring Speed 100 – 1500/min
Stirring Capacity 100ml – 3 Litres
Stirring Control Analogue
Plate Area 180mm x 180mm
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D) 120mm x 200mm x 225mm
Temperature Control Digital
Hot Plate Temp (Max) Ambient +5°C to 400°C
RPM (Max) 1500 per minute
Weight 3.65 kg
Measurement principle Ion electrode method