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Brewing & Malting

Germination Viability

Germination Viability

Technical Parameters:

  • Temperature: 30°C to 69 °C
  • Vacuum: 18,5 mm Hg
  • Time: 0 to 99.99 minutes
  • Accuracy: + - 1 %
  • Reproducibility: 0,5%
  • Power requirements: 230V/50Hz, 150W
  • Dimensions:200x160x200 mm (height x width x depth)


Technical Description:

The Easi-Twin Germination Viability Tester is a completely self contained two cell unit to test the germinative capacity of grain, for use in SEED TESTING laboratories and MALTING laboratories.

The instrument is designed to enable the user to perform the following tests using a single piece of apparatus: 

  • GERMINATION (Viability) testing 


Sample Cells:

  • Sample cells and seed holders are manufactured from food Acetal Homopolymer and stainless steel
  • Sample cells and seed holders are removable for filling and cleaning
  • Sample cells and seed holders are interchangeable
  • Each cell position can be individually programmed for time and temperature
  • System protected by in-line filter
  • Microprocessor control allows testing to be carried out under reproducible and standardised conditions