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Brewing & Malting

Malt Friabilimeter

The Friabilimeter is an instrument for the determination of malt friability according to EBC, MEBAK and ASBC.

Brewers need malt of high quality for economic beer production. These malts must be produced and evaluated by maltsters. The Friabilimeter allows an easy and fast determination of the brewing value of malt in practice. The Friabilimeter allows the control of the malt quality immediately after kilning. Irregularities during the malting process can be detected and corrected. The brewery can determine the malt quality immediately upon delivery and apply consistent malt blends accordingly. This avoids unnecessary problems.

How does it work?

The Friabilimeter separates a malt sample mechanically into its hard and friable parts. Excessive hard malt components will cause problems during the brewing process with wort clarification, fermentation and filtration. This is dependent on variety and can vary from year to year.