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Brewing & Malting


The Sortimat is suitable for carrying out the sorting (EBC and MEBAK) and for the determination of boldness of brewing barley.

How does it work?

A weighed 100gm sample is placed onto the top sieve. The sieving period varies from 1 to 9 minutes, it’s recommended to use 3 minutes for cereals.

Press start, and the Sortimat separates the sample into single fractions by uniform vibrating motions.

When finished, slide in collecting trays, tilt sieve and open slide, the sieve cleaner may need to be used if grain remains.

Another sample can be added while you weigh the fractions obtained.

With a weighed batch of 100gm the percentage proportion is then obtained by weighing the individual fractions.

The Sortimat comes available with 3, 4 or 5 sieves. It has a solid construction and is virtually maintenance free.