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Farm Tools

Filter Cleaning

Air Filter Blaster

The Air Filter Blaster is a very simple to operate device that allows you to clean heavy machinery air filters SIMPLY, QUICKLY, EFFECTIVELY


  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Improve machine performance & increase engine life
  • Significantly reduce fuel and oil consumption
  • Annual savings of up to $10,000 per vehicle


*** The Air Filter Blaster was awarded “MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2011” at the World Ag Expo in California ***


What do I need in order to operate the Air Filter Blaster?

A compressed air supply in excess of 90psi is required for optimum performance - the Air Filter Blaster self-regulates the supply of air used in the cleaning process to ensure that the filter is not damaged during cleaning.


How does it work?

  1. Connect the Air Filter Blaster shaft with the rotor head
  2. Insert the Air Filter Blaster into the filter and seal the filter element
  3. Turn on the ball valve
  4. Move the device shaft up and down to clean the filter


What advantages does the Air Filter Blaster have over other methods of cleaning my air filters?

- Quicker than any other method of cleaning your air filters - typically < 60 seconds
- Simple! Anyone can use it effectively.
- More effective than other filter cleaning methods because it cleans the entire filter, it doesn't allow dirt and dust to get inside the filter and it doesn't damage the filter in the process.

Shaft Extension and Rotor Head Options

  • 12" Shaft Extension for filters with depths above 26"
  • 3" Rotor Head for filters with an inside diameter under 6"
  • 4.5" Rotor
  • 9" Rotor Head for larger industrial filters
  • NB: Standard purchase comes with a 6" Rotor Head