COVID19 Update

Graintec Scientific remains open to continue the supply of instrumentation and servicing / calibration of instruments, as well as phone support.

We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and our team.

We understand that it remains as vital as ever to maintain the quality of your product/s and our servicing team are committed to ensuring that your instruments are fully functional and accurate with up to date calibrations.

Please reach out if we can be of any assistance.

Lucas Anstiss
Managing Director

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Food & Lab

Data Logging


Tiny, tough, versatile temperature loggers.

No, they’re not batteries.  These are Thermochrons – the tiniest, toughest, most versatile temperature loggers. No wires, no probes, no external power.

The go-anywhere, do-anything temperature logger

Thermochrons are button-sized, stainless steel devices that can be placed directly into your testing environment without the need for external probes.  For nearly two decades, the Thermochron system has been the standard in temperature logging.

It is refined, reliable, easy-to-use, and trusted by users all around the world.

The Thermochron range include models that log temperatures from -30° to +140°C and humidity as well.


Who's using Thermochrons?

Research scientists:

Their small size, weather-resistance and almost indestructible construction make Thermochrons ideal for scientists. 


Vaccine and blood refrigerators:

Still one of the most popular loggers for vaccine and blood refrigerators.


Manufacturing and mining:

The ability to measure temperatures up to 140°C without a probe makes Thermochrons a natural choice


Sterilisation tracking:

Place the Thermochron directly into the autoclave to monitor performance


Cold Chain monitoring:

Place a Thermochron in with you cold shipment to track temperatures and isolate problems


eTemperature - the easiest and most powerful Thermochron software

eTemperature is powerful Thermochron software developed right here in Australia. It features a range of built-in one-click configurations that will have you up and running in no time.



eTemperature comes bundled with the USB reader you will need to configure and read data from your Thermochrons.