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Food & Lab

Milk Analysis

MIRIS Dairy Milk Analyser

The release of the 2nd generation Dairy Milk Analyser (DMA) by the Swedish listed company MIRIS AB has set the bar for the future of MIR milk analysis. 

On first inspection, MIRIS’ DMA looks too small to be considered as a serious analyser for determining fat, protein, lactose and total solids in milk, but it’s the Swedish innovator’s breakthrough design that makes precise and repeatable measurements possible in such a small package. 

Through patented technology that allows the measurement of ‘raw’ or unhomogenised milk, MIRIS have managed to completely remove the pumps, and other moving parts prone to failure, from the liquid system.   This innovation not only has the advantage of a more reliable instrument, but has dramatically reduced the size of this milk analyser when compared to traditional instruments.

The Australian distributors for MIRIS, Graintec Scientific, see great potential for the unit.  “The DMA opens up a lot of possibilities for receivers and processors of raw milk who are using older methods of milk analysis. It uses Mid Infra-Red analysis, which is a tried and accepted technique, and offers performance and simplicity for operators.  MIRIS have also strived to keep the instrument at an accessible price.”  Says Lucas Anstiss of Graintec Scientific.  “Its size, accuracy and simplicity of use make the MIRIS a good choice for product manufacturers and milk processors who need reliable analysis of incoming milk or cream.”