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Food & Lab

Milk Analysis

MIRIS Human Milk Analyser

With the Miris Human Milk Analyser (HMA), breast milk can be analysed for:

  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Lactose
  • Energy
  • Total Solids

There is a crying need for analysing breast milk in the neonatal departments of hospitals. This is especially true for premature babies when it is of the greatest importance to consider the nutritional composition of the breast milk. Today, there are no methods for hospitals to get immediate results from breast milk composition analyses. Hoospitals send samples to a central laboratory for analysis and the answer may take several days. These analyses are expensive and the procedures very demanding for hospital personnel.

With only one sample of 1–3 ml, Miris analytical instruments can produce results in a fast, reliable analysis of breast milk at the bedside to a very low cost.

Miris analytical instruments can also be used for analyses and control of milk banks at hospitals. The analyses can lead to increased information about the nutritional content of breast milk. This means the staff can improve care of neonates.

A revolution in modern breast milk analysis


MIRIS Human Milk Analyser offers a unique opportunity for direct determination of the nutritional content of breast milk. With a small sample size of 1-3 ml it is now possible to analyze the composition of breast milk for the content of fat, protein, lactose, energy and dry matter. With the new instrument, MIRIS Human Milk Analyzer, the analyses are done without chemicals. Results are obtained within one minute. Features of the instrument are its small size, robustness and easy handling.  The instrument is portable and is intended for use in hospitals, milk banks and child welfare centers.

MIRIS Human Milk Analyzer is based on approved IR-technology(Infrared transmission spectroscopy) in combination with a new, unique patented technique. The accuracy is high and all components are analysed in one single run. The results are presented on the display of the instrument and can easily be transferred to your PC. The instrument has been evaluated for breast milk analysis at the University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, and is today being used at several university teaching hospitals around the world. MIRIS Human Milk Analyzer is CE approved for In vitro diagnostics according to European Commission Directive 98/79/EC.