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A range of polarimeters and accessories for all applications.

We offer five models of Polarimeters. The P8000 series of digital automatic polarimeters is fast, sturdy, with high accuracy and resolution.

Features & Benefit

  • Extremely time-efficient – reducing measuring time to 1 second, irrespective of the angle of the sample. That makes it the fastest polarimeter worldwide! 
  • High accuracy and resolution. 
  • All adjustments on the device are made via an easy to use touchscreen. Sample parameters can be customised, therefore it is ideal for individual, continuous analyses. 
  • Complies with all GLP requirements.

The PS8000 version has been specifically designed for the sugar industry, and offers the same operation and measuring functions as the P8000, except that the measuring values are displayed in the international sugar scale.

The P8000-PT version includes electronic temperature control alleviating the need to adjust and maintain the thermostat. The set-point temperature is entered directly onto the touch screen, and the device will automatically detect if a tube has been connected.

A basic automatic Polarimeter, series P3000 is easy to operate, has automatic detection and digital angle conversion. Ideal for samples with low transmittance. The unit comes complete with accessories.

Ideal for basic operations in the laboratory, or for training purposes, the manual P1000-LED Polarimeter is robust and simple to use. It operates according to the half-shade principle, and reading is via an eye piece and two nonius. A cost-effective option, as the life of the LED is estimated to last around 500 times longer than traditional sodium vapour lamps. The unit is delivered with all necessary accessories.

Kruess has a wide range of Polarimeter accessories: stainless steel and glass tubes, quartz control plates, sodium lamps and glass cover plates. Plus the CBM910 printer, a 24 character paper printer for series P8000.

What are the advantages of automatic laboratory polarimeters?

Polarimetry is a powerful technique for the analysis of optically-active fluids such as sugars, lactic acid, tartaric acid, and biologically-active substances. The method provides valuable information on the chemical structure, chirality, and concentration of a sample by measuring the angle through which a ray of polarised light is diverted.

In a traditional manual polarimeter, this requires a skilled operator and takes a variable length of time. A modern automatic polarimeter, on the other hand, makes the process much quicker – an accurate reading is provided in just one second. Operator-induced errors are eliminated and measurement consistency is greatly improved – an important consideration for regulated laboratories. Touchscreen controls and a clear digital readout make the analysis fast, clean, and reliable. Automatic polarimetry is compatible with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and US FDA 21 CFR part 11.
The increased speed means that lab productivity is greatly improved, and the investment in an automated instrument pays real dividends. Manual polarimetry still has its place, for low-throughput labs and for training, but for many modern industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, sugar, and food processing, an automatic polarimeter is the better choice.