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Rheometer RM200

Shear rate imposed Rheometer, with a wide spedds range from 0.5 to 1500 rpm, parallel, serial and USB port.

It enables automatic flow curves and their fitting without PC.

Specifications RM200

  • Measuring princip rotative princip 
  • Rotation speed from 0.3 to 1500 rpm 
  • Torque range from 0 to 30 mNm 
  • Temperature by integrated Pt100, from -20 to 120°C 
  • Digital output T°C, Shear rate, Torque, Viscosity, Yield value 
  • Viscosity range from 1 to 510 M mPa.s  
  • Supply voltage 110-220 VAC 
  • PC connexion Serial and USB port 
  • Printer connexion Parallel port 
  • Other detail Rheomatic-T software enables to transfer data from RM200 to PC.

What is a rheometer?  A rheometer is a laboratory device used to measure the way in which a liquid, suspension or slurry flows in response to applied forces.  It is used for those fluids which cannot be defined by a single value of viscosity and therefore require more parameters to be set and measured than is the case for a viscometer.  It measures the rheology of the fluid.There are two distinctively different types of rheometers.  Rheometers that control the applied shear stress or shear strain are called rotational or shear rheometers, whereas rheometers that apply extensional stress or extensional strain are extensional rheometers.  

We at Graintec Scientific can supply shear rheometers.