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Surface Hygiene - Swabs

SpotCheck Plus detects the presence of glucose and lactose on a surface as a rapid indicator of surface hygiene. Simply swab a surface, release the reagent, and if any residue containing glucose and/or lactose is present, the reagent will turn green. The more contamination present, the quicker the colour change and darker the colour. SpotCheck Plus instantly validates the hygiene of a surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary. If it turns green, it isn’t clean!



  • All-in-one device
  • Easy-to-interpret colour results
  • No instrumentation necessary
  • Results in 60 seconds
  • Pre-moistened swab for reliable collection, recovery, and detection to ensure consistent results
  • 100% recyclable
  • 12-month shelf life at refrigerated temperatures (2-8°C)
  • 4-week shelf life at room temperatures (21-25°C)


Detects down to 2.5 μmoles D-glucose or 5.0 μmoles lactose in 60 seconds

Disregard any colour change after 2 minutes