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Texture Analyser

Is texture important to the way your customers experience your products?

More and more manufacturers are moving to an objective means to measure texture.  Objective measurement is fast and cost-effective.  Combine this with easy-to-use comprehensive software – a texture analyser is the preferred means in measuring texture.


Successfully measuring textural properties depends on 4 key criteria;

  1. Quality of instrument used
  2. The testing method adopted
  3. The precision of probes and attachments used
  4. Software accuracy


Texture Analyser - TVT-cropThe Perten TVT texture analyser ticks all the boxes as a flexible instrument to suit a wide range of applications, providing analysis on:

  • Firmness
  • Crispness
  • Cutting Force
  • Elasticity


Features of the Perten TVT:

  • Rapid evaluation
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Use in a lab or at the production line
  • Load cells available ranging from 3 – 100kg