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Food & Lab


Pocket-Sized pH Testers

We offer a range of pocket-sized pH testers.  Measuring parameters include pH and temperature.  Our most popular model is the Eutech pH30 tester.  

With high accuracy and easy twist-off user-replaceable sensor, the pH Testers are uniquely designed to last longer with more user-friendly features and lower operating cost requirement. Double junction electrode makes the testers ideal for dirty water and solutions with heavy metals or contaminants,
while increased reference gel volume offers significantly longer electrode life.

High Accuracy:

  • Up to ±0.01 pH accuracy at 0.01 pH resolution
  • 3-point push-button calibration with 5 buffer option sets – quick, easy calibration with no mistakes
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

Long Lasting:

  • Double-junction sensor with chemical resistant Kynar® porous junction minimizes clogging
  • and contamination
  • Longer electrode lifespan with increased polymer gel volume
  • Reduced operating cost – use tester body again and again with user-replaceable sensor
  • Rugged and waterproof to IP67 standards. So light, it floats!


  • Large custom dual display LCD
  • Calibration settings remain, even when you run out of batteries
  • Simultaneous temperature display in Celsius and Fahrenheit* for pHTester 30

Applications: • Pools and spas • Aquariums and fish farms • Agriculture • Cooling towers • Food processing • Water and
wastewater treatment • Photo-development • Printing and chemical industries • Labs and ecological studies • Hydroponics