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Food & Lab


Digital Hand-held

Robust, everyday handheld refractometers for the laboratory by A Kruss Optronics - quality German manufacturers of optronic equipment for over 100 years.

Three models available;


  • Largest in the range
  • Robust and suitable for everyday use
  • Easily connects to a pc
  • Incorporates the refractive index, sugar and salt scales, with the option to add two other user-defined scales. 
  • Easily calibrated
  • Optional temperature compensation feature



  • Compact
  • Easy to handle
  • Precise and fast 
  • Ideal for on-site quality and process control 
  • Wide refractive index scale range and a sugar scale
  • For wine-growing, a special version is available with an Oechsle scale 
  • Ergonomically designed - comes with a belt pouch



  • Entry level device
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio
  • Same easy handling and fast measuring results as the two other digital handheld refractometers
  • Includes automatic temperature compensation
  • Ideal when a wide measurement range is not required