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Food & Lab

Water Activity


Decagon's METER AquaLab DUO makes it possible to measure water activity and moisture content simultaneously with unmatched repeatability.

AquaLab DUO uses the “dewpoint method” to measure moisture content and water activity with the same instrument. The result: complete moisture analysis in about 5 minutes with some big advantages over traditional moisture meters.

To measure moisture content using water activity requires an understanding of the relationship between the two parameters. This relationship, referred to as the moisture sorption isotherm, is complex and unique to each product type. It must be determined experimentally by measuring water content at several water activity values.

Decagon's AquaSorp isotherm generator can rapidly generate robust isotherms with unmatched data resolution. Once the isotherm has been generated, it can be loaded into the AquaLab DUO and used to indirectly determine moisture content based on a water activity measurement generated by the AquaLab DUO.