COVID19 Update

Graintec Scientific remains open to continue the supply of instrumentation and servicing / calibration of instruments, as well as phone support.

We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and our team.

We understand that it remains as vital as ever to maintain the quality of your product/s and our servicing team are committed to ensuring that your instruments are fully functional and accurate with up to date calibrations.

Please reach out if we can be of any assistance.

Lucas Anstiss
Managing Director

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Food & Lab

Water Activity


The METER AquaLab "PRE" is a robust entry-level water activity meter.

It uses the same industry-standard primary water activity method you find in our top-of-the-line AquaLab Series 4TE.

The Pre may look basic, but that’s because all the good stuff is inside!


Special features:

Accurate — ±0.01 aw
Verifiable — with independent salt standards.
Repeatable — different users, different locations, same result.
Easy to use — precise measurements with minimal training.