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Food & Lab

Water Activity


Minimum maintenance. Pre uses the dewpoint method—a primary measurement of water activity. That eliminates the need for lengthy sensory calibration. Just a quick verification check and you’re good to go.

Real water activity—FAST. Primary measurement allows Pre enjoy a distinctive advantage in speed. Pre delivers top-accuracy readings in five minutes or less—no need to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

Solid repeatability. Pre holds the sample at 25°C so temperature fluctuations won’t affect your readings. Water activity is temperature dependent; measuring at the same temperature every time assures consistency in your readings.

Reliable accuracy. Pre’s dewpoint method and temperature-stable features mean good agreement between the Pre and the Series 4. Its basic 0.01 aw accuracy enables many of our customers to add water activity testing at the line, loading dock, or offsite facility.

Dependable support. Pre includes Decagon’s trademark free technical support—food scientists and instrument specialists just a phone call away.

Full range. Pre lets you measure over the whole range of water activities, 0.05 to 1.00 aw.