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Vapour Sorption Isotherm Analyser

Moisture Research in a Box!

For food or pharmaceutical scientists, moisture sorption data can make or break a product. The AquaLab Vapor Sorption Analyser (VSA) introduces simplicity, control, and affordability into the process of gathering moisture sorption isotherm data. 

With the AquaLab VSA, it takes about 5 minutes to set up a test. Once you tell the AquaLab VSA the humidity levels and times you'd like to use, just put the sample into the instrument and walk away. The data from your test are automatically recorded and sent to your computer.

The AquaLab VSA is the first instrument that allows you to measure both DVS and DDI isotherms on your product. In simple terms, DDI isotherms are extremely high resolution, allowing you to pinpoint critical moisture ranges for product quality. DVS isotherms allow you to study kinetics, or how long it takes for something to happen. For example, how long it would take for a potato chip that starts at 0.15aw to lose its crispness in air that's at 80% relative humidity. A