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Grain Testing

Grain Cooling

Grain Cooling Systems

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The most natural and cost-effective way to protect grain quality in storage.

Hundreds of systems installed worldwide!

The Conserfrio® cooling system works for silos and warehouses. 

For silos, the refrigerator is connected instead of the aeration fan. Installation is simple requiring minimal modifications. In fact, the system can be easily moved around and connected to other silos as required.

For warehouses, a ducting system is included at the base. 



How does it work:

Cold air produced by the machine is carried to the bottom of the silo. This air begins to cool the grain of the lower layers, pushing the heat upwards and out through the top of the silo. Cooling concludes when air escaping from the grain mass is cold. 

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Advantages of cooling your grain:

  • Avoid heat development
  • Minimise insects
  • Avoid mould and toxins
  • Avoid weight loss
  • Avoid water condensation
  • Avoid clumping grain
  • No more chemical treatments
  • Significantly lower operating costs compared to Aeration
  • Save thousands of dollars in chemical treatments
  • Avoid turning grain over
  • Minimise grain damage
  • Quick payback – return on your investment