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Grain Testing

Insect Management

Insect Sieve


Stainless steel version:

Made of stainless steel including a heavy duty wire mesh, the Graintec Scientific insect screen is made to last.  Featuring a white catch pan to assist in identifying insects.  300mm diameter.


Special Features

Easy to Clean

Our sieves lead the way in cleanliness thus reducing the chances of cross contamination in samples. 


Sealed Edges

The sieve edges are sealed to prevent trapment. 


Etched Label

Sieve labels are electro-chemically etched so that there are no rivets used and there is nowhere for material to hide.  This makes the sieve easier to clean and cancells the risk of fingers getting caught on sharp rivets.,


High Lustre Finish 

Not only do our sieves look good on the outside but also on the inside where it really counts. If a sieve looks good on the outside that adds to the image but we go further by having a high lustre finish on the inside as well. This means that the sample will move about the sieve easier thus reducing sieving time as well as making the sieve easier to clean.


Lifetime Guarantee 

Our insect sieves come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.