Grain Testing


Hay Moisture Meter - Agreto

The AGRETO hay and straw moisture meter HFM II is a professional measuring instrument for determining moisture level and temperature of baled hay and straw.

Robust construction, high-quality materials:
The AGRETO HFM II consists of a solid stainless steel probe and an ergonomically shaped wooden handle. This makes the instrument extremely robust and ready for many years of use.

Ongoing display of readings during the measurement processes:
The display continuously shows the actual moisture level. In just a couple of seconds you can measure different parts of a bale, or a large amount of bales without having to press a button.

Security during harvesting:
With the AGRETO HFM II you can assure feed quality during harvesting or drying. This way you prevent loss due to mould and rotting.

Check while trading hay and straw:
Buyers and/or sellers can check the moisture level of hay and straw bales and thus prevent possible claims.