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Grain Testing


ELISA - Quantitative

One sample extraction to analyse six mycotoxins
Simple workflow and no clean up steps required
Wide range of validated commodities
Up to 30 minutes reading time after stopping the reaction
• 48 or 96 breakaway microwell format
• Minimises waste and maximizes value
How the test works
AgraQuant® Mycotoxin products are direct competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA). One universal sample extraction using a 70% methanol solution can be applied to analyse six classes of mycotoxins with eight different kits. Some kits apply a dilution of the sample extract to reduce matrix effects.
After combining sample extract or calibrators and enzyme conjugated toxin in the antibody coated well the competitive reaction takes 10 – 60 min (first incubation). Subsequent washing removes unbound reactants followed by the addition of substrate starting a colour reaction that takes 5 – 20 min (second incubation). The intensity of the colour is inversely proportionate to the concentration of mycotoxin in the sample or standard. A stop solution prevents further development of the colour reaction enabling reproducible measurements of the intensity using a microwell reader. Results can be interpreted by using Romer Labs spreadsheets.
Kit contents
Each kit comes complete with 5 to 6 standards, 48 or 96 antibody- coated microwells, 48 or 96 colour- coded dilution microwells, conjugate, substrate and stop solution.