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Grain Testing


Romer Series 2 Mill

The unique design of the Romer Series II Mill provides both grinding and sub-sampling of grains or small pellet feeds for mycotoxin testing in a single step.

The patented, single step design, grinds and splits each kernel among three chutes, providing a representative, homogeneous sub-sample, which can then be used in the analysis for myotoxins.

Proper sample preparation is "key" for the quality control of mycotoxin testing for accurate, consistent and reliable results. This is due to uneven distribution and low concentration of mycotoxins in grains and other commodities.

It is very versatile and easy to operate. The mill was originally designed for the use in sample preparation for mycotoxin analyses.  However, the mill can also be used in a variety of other grinding needs such as the sample preparation for moisture, protein, fat, fiber, GMO's and pesticide and other analyses.