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Grain Testing


AgriNIR - Forages, Hay, Silage, Grain


• Analysis performed on-site and in real time
• It works in any environmental condition

Immediate results
• A complete analysis approximately in 60 seconds

• Low analytical costs (generally just depreciation)

• Virtually no sample preparation; a grab it and analyse it procedure
• opportunity to increase measured replicates - More replicates mean more precision.
• Programmable in 10 languages, included Chinese
• Different features for different users
• Statistics and Analysis History

• The instrument is contained in a compact case
• It is equipped with wheels and an extandable handle
• All that is required for analysis in one place
• A bright display 7” 16/9
• A protective overlay
• Dust cover protection for the display
• New languages available (also with ideograms)
• Data transfer with the AgriNIRTM TRACE using USB Key
• Different features in a single screen
• Possibility to change settings about: number of decimals, date format, print

Ready for Use
• The instrument is pre-loaded with NIR calibration curves for 7 NIR Families (Crop Families) and with a total of 44 curves

• Using a USB connection and the Internet there is the opportunity for constant and immediate diagnosis of the instrument and the predicted results



• AgriNIR™ has been validated and approved by University of Padua (Italy), Department of Animal Science in 2007.
• AgriNIR™ has been validated and approved by University of Cracow (Poland), Department of Animal Nutrition in 2008.
• All reference chemical Analysis in USA are conducted by commercial forage laboratories rated A or B by annual NFTA testing (National Forage Testing Association, USA).