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Grain Testing


AgriNIR - Forages, Hay, Silage, Grain

The system components:
• sample holding cup
• NIR light source and detector
• rugged, high capacity computing device
• user Interface with keyboard, display, printer and USB port 110v AC and 12v DC
• AC power cable
• lighter adapter for field use
• GSM/GPRS communication mobile
• Connection with SW AgriNIRTM TRACE

Material: ABS
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 46 cm (approximately 20 x 12 x 18 inches)
Weight: 19 Kg (approximately 42 pounds)
ABS provides a rugged and sturdy enclosure for measuring components

Moisture: 2%
Starch: 3%
Crude Protein: 3%
ADF: 3%
NDF: 3%
Ash: 3%
Crude Fat: 3%

Keys: Soft
Display: LCD 1/4 VGA
Easy to read on-screen instructions make for easy operation
A bright display 7” 16/9

Working temperature 0°C / +40°C (104°F)
Power supply 110 - 220V ac (external power supply included) 9 - 32 Vdc (lighter plug or vehicle battery clips included)

• Put the material in the sampling cup
• As soon as power is supplied and lamp is stabilized, sample analysis can begin
• Insert the sampling cup into the AgriNIR™
• Start the analysis, and read the result on the display; the analysis results can be printed on ticket or transferred to PC

AgriNirTM TRACE is a data management software that allow to record organise and show forages and grains NIR analysis
• Historical Analysis of AgriNIRTM data;
• Possibility to select parameters and make accurate statistics
• PDF and Excel download of all analysis stored in the software;
• Data transfer from AgriNIRTM software through USB;
• Possibility to manage many AgriNIRTM with a single software using different IDs;
• Creation of graphs, possibility to see different graphs in a single screen
• Client data transfer from AgriNIRTM TRACE to AgriNIRTM and viceversa. Possibility to see client data directly from AgriNIRTM

All analysis results are imported in the AgriNIR™ TRACE
It is possible to integrate this software in the DTMTM IC in order to recalculate the ration using real values.