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Grain Testing


FOSS Infratec Sofia

FOSS Infratec Sofia - protein grain analyser

The FOSS Sofia Protein and Moisture grain tester is a fast and accurate NIR whole grain analyser designed for use on-farm.

 The FOSS Sofia can measure the following products;

  • Wheat - protein and moisture
  • Barley - protein and moisture
  • Sorghum - protein and moisture
  • Canola - moisture and oil
  • Chickpeas - moisture
  • Field Peas - moisture
  • Corn - protein, moisture and oil
  • Oats - protein and moisture
  • Lupins - moisture

Powered by either a 240V or 12V supply. Designed for use during harvest in hot, dusty conditions, the FOSS Sofia can be used in vehicles, such as a header, chaser bin and even the back of a ute.

DID YOU KNOW?  The FOSS Sofia is a Trade Approved instrument (granted by Australia's National Measurement Institute (NMI)).  Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from using a trade approved instrument.  

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