Grain Testing

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GMO Test Strips

Rapid and simple to use, the Romer Labs® GMO Agrastrips® are vital when detecting GMO traits in GMO crops including soybeans, corn, cotton and oilseeds.

The rapid test method of the AgraStrip® GMO TraitChek™ strip tests are available for quick test results. These Lateral Flow Device (LFD)tests are on-site tests designed for field use but can be applied in laboratories, too.

The quick qualitative detection of the GM proteins found in raw food and feed commodities is essential for key decision points within the food and feed supply chain. These strip tests can be analysed and result in a semiquantitative GMO impurity level found in bulk grain samples in conjunction with an AgraVision™ Reader.

What is “GM” ?
Agriculturally important plants are often genetically modified by the insertion of DNA material from outside the organism into the plant's DNA sequence, allowing the plant to express novel traits that normally would not appear in nature, such as herbicide or insect resistance. Seed harvested from GMO plants will also contain the modification.