Grain Testing

Quality Measurement

Grain Shakers

 grain shaker is used to simplify the “screenings” process when determining the quality of a grain sample.

Below are two instrument options; 


Agtator Shaker:

AgtatorThe Agtator has long been the industry standard grain sieve shaker instrument.


  • 20 OR 40 shake options
  • Ability to fit standard 300mm diameter sieves
  • Used by major grain handlers
  • The Agtator is referenced as the “shaking device” as per the Grain Trade Australia commodity standards booklets


Portable Shaker:Portable Shaker Main


  • Mains or 12V Portable                                 
  • Timer
  • Suitable for farmers



Benefits of using a grain shaker:

Using certified screens is just the beginning of the process. How growers operate their screens is vital. There are 2 methods used a) using a shaker and b) manual method.

The advantage of using a shaker is is that you can set the correct number of shakes per grain and eliminates the potential for human error as well as reducing physical strain. Using a shaker provides greater accuracy.  

The manual method (often referred to as “hand shaking”) is difficult to execute accurately and thus using a grain shaker such as the Agtator is recommended to achieve consistent and accurate results.

.."Looking for sieves? We can supply both certified and uncertified sieves when ordering the Agtator contact us your requirements..."