Grain Testing

Quality Measurement

MaggyLamps & Lightboxes

We supply standard and twin tube maggylamps.

Our "standard" MaggyLamp features;

  • flexible gooseneck arms
  • metal base provides necessary counterbalance
  • circular 127mm glass lens, 2 X magnification
  • robust desk model
  • supplied with 22 watt natural daylight tube


Our "Twin Tube" MaggyLamp features;

  • combination of magnifier and light box
  • used in many pathology/microbiology labs
  • two stage illumination
  • 20 x 20cm white light area
  • focal length: 250mm
  • circular 127mm glass lens, 2 X magnification


Lightbox - a cheaper alternative:Lightbox

The lightbox is ideal for inspection of colour, defects etc for grains and seeds.

Is the Lightbox ideal for corn analysis? - ABSOLUTELY! The Lightbox allows you to conduct a visual inspection of stress cracks and endosperm.


  • Light weight
  • Smooth surface enables easy removal of seeds
  • Bright and clear L.E.D. light