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Sieves - Meals, Pellets, Nuts

General features:

  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • No sharp edges to trap unwanted material
  • Sieves comply with ISO 3310:1 2000 and 33102:2000
  • Etched ID - no protruding labels or rivets gathering unwanted residue


We generally supply 200mm diameter wire mesh AND perforated plate sieves - for the applications of flour, nuts, pellets, soil etc.  



  • Precision frame (ensures consistent nestability)
  • Precise aperture (in accordance with ISO 3310
  • Natural fillet (free flowing of sample)
  • Totally sealed (no crevice to lose material)
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO BS EN 9001 (QMAS)
  • Safe edge (big radius makes it comfortable to handle)
  • Serial number (ensures full traceability)


Contact us to discuss your requirements as we have access to a large range of sieves for any application.