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Grain Testing

Research & Breeding

Contador V2 Seed Counter

Technical data:  Power supply    230 V / 50 Hz (24 V)

Dimensions:   375 x 168 x 178 mm

Weight:  4.5 kg

Container volume:   No. 1 rapeseed: approx. 250 cm³  No. 2 cereals: approx. 270 cm³

Counting speed:
Rape seed:  5000 seeds / 12 seconds / precision = 0.3% Cereals:  2500 seeds / 24 seconds / precision = 0.3% 

Bag filling speed:
Rape seed:  3 bags / 1000 seeds / 20 seconds  Cereals:  2 bags / 1000 seeds / 30 seconds

PC Software:  The software SeedCount together with the filling station Contafill makes it possible to fill sample series. The number of bags as well as the number of grains can be defined in the mode „count manually“. The automatic mode uses XLS tables which make it possible to complete heterogeneous counting lists within a very short pe-riod of time. A label printer can print details like the test location and the number of grains. The operator only has to detach the bags, attach empty ones and apply the corresponding labels. The request to change the original sample is confirmed directly at the PC by the operator.

The Contador 2 is equipped with a serial RS232C and a Contafill interface to which the filling station can be connected.