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Grain Testing


Automatic Truck Sampling

The Heron 3000 is the standard model in the TPLG series of automatic truck sampling systems.

The Heron 3000 is a gyroscopic truck grain sampler that can be fitted on a raised concrete base OR fitted to a wall-mounted bracket.

Sampling radius is 2.9m and can be expanded to meet 3.3m, 4.2m OR 5.0m.

For very busy sampling sites, the Heron 3000 Intensive model is available and its build is suited to more than 1000 samples per day.



The Cobra 3001 has been specifically designed to allow full coverage of the sampling area of longer vehicles, so as to meet all international shipping requirements.

The Cobra can be installed/presented in the following ways;

1) Pillar-mounted: The Cobra's gyroscopic probe arm slides along a gantry - enabling samples to be taken from the entire length of the truck.

2) Twin-Cobra: Enables the sampling of two trucks at a time from either side of the sampling position.

3) Double-headed Cobra: Simultaneously sample a truck using 2 x gyroscopic sample probe arms at the same time - either side of the gantry.


                                                 (Pictured above - Cobra 3001)