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Grain Testing


Vacuum Sampling

Grain sampling made easy…

The Graintec Scientific – VAC sampling system will enable you to sample a wide range of grains at the flick of a switch.  Ideal for use on a weighbridge, the collection chamber can be placed on the stand or inside the weighbridge office.  

Research carried out in Australia indicates that this type of vacuum sampling has better repeatability than manual sampling techniques.

The sample is drawn up the 2 meter probe to pass along a flexible hose and to be deposited in the collection chamber.  After sampling the flap door can be opened to release the sample into a bucket for mixing and sub-sampling.

The Graintec Scientific – VAC system consists of;
- An industrial grade wet and dry vacuum motor/system
- A powder coated steel collection chamber with filter
- Brackets for wall mounting
- 10m length of flexible hose (to the vac probe).
- A probe made of stainless steel tubing 32mm ID, 2 meters in length.

This type of Vacuum Sampling System has been recommended by the Australian Government authority – National Measurement Institute.