AgraStrip WATEX

AgraStrip WATEX



The One for All AgraStrip® water extraction enables quantitation of some of the most prevalent mycotoxins including aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, fumonisin and zearalenone, all from the same sample extract. This eco-friendly, fast and reliable solution is designed for a field test environment


How the Test Works
The AgraStrip® One for All WATEX® system determines the presence of mycotoxins in commodities such as corn and wheat. The mycotoxins are extracted using distilled water in combination with dissolvable extraction buffer bags. All WATEX® kits come with Whirl-Pak® bags that have an integrated filter membrane, so no additional filtration step is required. All mycotoxins can be analysed from the same sample extract with the AgraStrip® test strips specific to each toxin.


A variety of commodities can be analysed. Please refer to current application briefs for your commodity and mycotoxin of interest.


AgraStrip® WATEX® Total Aflatoxin, Total Fumonisin and Zearalenone methods are USDA-FGIS approved.


Kit Contents
Each kit contains test strips, extraction buffer bags, microwells coated with antibody particle complex (conjugate), assay dilution buffer, yellow/white pipette tips, blue pipette tips, microcentrifuge tubes (dilution tubes) and Whirl-Pak® bags with filter to analyse up to 24 samples.


Fast Method

  • One sample extraction to analyse four mycotoxins
  • Assay time of only three minutes


Simple Operation

  • No sophisticated training required
  • No filtration or centrifugation step needed
  • No buffer preparation needed


Reliable Results

  • Validated according to USDA-FGIS standards
  • Outstanding accuracy and reproducibility