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  • 1.5m Grain Temperature Probe
  • 1.5m Temperature Probe & Reader Combo
    GRAINTEC SCIENTIFIC | 1.5m Temperature Probe & Reader Combo
  • 100 Count Canola Paddle
    100 Count Canola Paddle - Easy-to-Use and Durable | Graintec Scientific
  • 250mm Spouted Grain Tray
  • 300mm Bag Spears
  • 400mm Spouted Grain Tray
    The 400mm Spouted Grain Tray makes grain inspection easy and the spouted shape makes pouring grain clean and simple. Available from Graintec Scientific |
  • 500 Count Canola Paddle
    500 Count Canola Paddle - Perform Quick Seed Inspections | Graintec Scientific
  • 500ml Chondrometer (Trade Approved)
    500ml Chondrometer (Trade Approved) - Get Precise Results | Graintec Scientific
  • Adrona B300 Tap Water System
    The Adrona B300 is a highly efficient ultrapure water purification system utilising tap water as feed water.
  • Adrona Crystal EX Tap Water System
    Adrona Crystal EX Water Purification System | Graintec Scientific
  • Adrona E30 Tap Water System
    Adrona E30 Tap Water System | Graintec Scientific
  • Adrona Gradus Tap Water System
    Adrona Gradus - Pure & Ultrapure Water System | Graintec Scientific