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  • 1.5m Grain Temperature Probe
  • 1.5m Temperature Probe & Reader Combo
  • 250mm Spouted Grain Tray
  • 300mm Bag Spears
  • 400mm Spouted Grain Tray
  • 500ml Chondrometer (Trade Approved)
  • Agreto Hay Moisture Meter
  • Agreto Soil Compaction Tester
  • AgriNIR - Forages, Hay, Silage, Grain
    AgriNIR™ portable NIR analyser for forages and grains - Available at GRAINTEC SCIENTIFIC (Australia)
  • Agtator
  • Air Filter Blaster
  • AND EJ Series Compact Scale
    AND EJ Series Compact Scale - Available at GRAINTEC SCIENTIFIC (Australia)