Technical Services

Graintec Technical Services provides instrument care for various tech such as FOSS Infratec Grain Protein and Moisture Meters and AquaLab Water Activity Meters.

Here at Graintec, we provide instrument care to make sure your tech works with optimum efficiency. It is imperative that your instruments are ready for vital operational tasks be it grain quality measurement, food moisture testing and more.

Below is a general overview of our services. For more information, simply send us a message. We’ll be happy to connect.


 Instrument Inclusions
Grain Protein Meters
  • Applicable software updates
  • Inspect main board and cables
  • Clean and inspect machine incl. cells
  • Re-pack check cell
  • Check motor and sensors
  • Replace lamp
  • Reset SD card
  • Confirm accuracy and repeatability with reference grain samples



Grain Moisture Meters
  • Full disassembly and ultrasonic clean of the grinding/ measuring cell
  • Mechanical calibration of the grinding/ measuring cell
  • Battery replacement 14 point calibration check
  • Reference grain sample check



Water Activity Meters
  • Applicable software updates
  • Full disassembly and cleaning
  • Electrical safety check
  • Factory calibration and verify readings on aW standards
  • Certificate of calibration