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Graintec Scientific stocks a range of both everyday and specialist Food & Lab Equipment,

Our products include, by are not limited to, Scales & Balances, pH Testers, Water Quality Meters, Water Activity Analyser, Incubators, Data Logging Equipment and more. This equipment is an essential investment for ensuring accuracy during the manufacturing and testing processes.


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49 products
  • Perten Falling Number 1000
  • Perten Falling Number 1310
  • FOSS Alphatec F№
    The FOSS Alphatec F№ provides a safe and modern way to perform standard falling number analysis for sprouting damage in grain and enzyme activity in flour. | Available from Graintec Scientific
  • OHAUS Defender® 3000 Industrial Platform Scale
  • OHAUS Defender® 3000 Stainless Industrial Platform Scale
    GRAINTEC SCIENTIFIC | OHAUS Defender® 3000 Stainless Industrial Platform Scale
  • OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balance
  • OHAUS MB25 Moisture Balance
  • AND FZ-iWP Precision Balance
  • AND EJ Series Compact Scale
    AND EJ Series Compact Scale - Available at GRAINTEC SCIENTIFIC (Australia)
  • AND HT Series Compact Scale
  • OHAUS Scout Pro Series Compact Scale
  • OHAUS Pioneer Analytical Balance