Grain Testing Equipment

The best way to know your product’s worth is by obtaining first-rate equipment to carry out accurate sampling and testing. 

Representative sampling and precise analysis are key to ensuring you are producing the highest quality product. With our range of accurately calibrated Grain Testing Equipment, you can easily determine and manage your harvest’s quality and maximise its value and your profit. 

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  • Test Weight Kit
    Graintec Scientific’s test weight kit is perfect for on-farm test weight measurements. Available at
  • Sieve Catch Pan (White)
    White sieve catch pan, 300mm diameter. Suitable for commodity sieves (e.g. wheat, barley, etc). Available from Graintec Scientific |
  • Wheat/ Sorghum Sieve
    The Wheat/ Sorghum Sieve is available at Graintec Scientific |
  • Pfeuffer HE50 Grain Moisture Meter
    Pfeuffer HE50 Grain Moisture Meter - Includes calibration settings for soft wheat, hard wheat, barley, sorghum, oats, corn, canola, beans, sunflowers, peas, safflower, triticale, wet wheat and soy beans |
  • Stainless and Aluminium Truck and Bulk Bag Samplers
  • Insect Probe Trap
  • Insect Sieve with Catch Pan
    Graintec Scientific's insect sieve is the ideal tool for checking your grain for insect activity. Comes with a catch pan. Available at
  • 300mm Bag Spears
  • 500ml Chondrometer (Trade Approved)
  • Barley Sieve Stack
    Barley sieve stack commodity sieves, manufactured to Grain Trade Australia specifications. Available from Graintec Scientific |
  • 400mm Spouted Grain Tray
    The 400mm Spouted Grain Tray makes grain inspection easy and the spouted shape makes pouring grain clean and simple. Available from Graintec Scientific |
  • Minibatt Portable Grain Sample Harvester