Collection: Sampling and Handling

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  • Graintec Vacuum Sampler
  • TPLG Automatic Truck Sampling Systems
    GRAINTEC SCIENTIFIC | TPLG Falcon Automatic Truck Sampling System - Operated via wireless remote
  • Minibatt Portable Grain Sample Harvester
  • Stainless and Aluminium Truck and Bulk Bag Samplers
  • 300mm Bag Spears
  • Nobbe Trier
  • White Triangular Grain Tray
    Classic white triangular seed and grain tray for sampling and grain testing. Available at Graintec Scientific |
  • 400mm Spouted Grain Tray
    The 400mm Spouted Grain Tray makes grain inspection easy and the spouted shape makes pouring grain clean and simple. Available from Graintec Scientific |
  • 250mm Spouted Grain Tray
  • Stainless Steel Divider - Small
    Graintec Scientific's Stainless Steel Divider (Small) is ideal for splitting a sample. Suitable for sample sizes up to 5kg.
  • Fibre Control Seed Counter
    Fibre Control Seed Counter | Graintec Scientific
  • Graintec Gift Card