Food & Lab Equipment

Graintec Scientific stocks a range of both everyday and specialist Food & Lab Equipment,

Our products include, by are not limited to, Scales & Balances, pH Testers, Water Quality Meters, Water Activity Analyser, Incubators, Data Logging Equipment and more. This equipment is an essential investment for ensuring accuracy during the manufacturing and testing processes.

42 products
  • Polarimeter
  • Microscope
  • Vapour Sorption Isotherm Analyser
  • Compact Water Quality Meter – Salt
  • Compact Water Quality Meter – Sodium
  • METER AquaLab Pawkit
  • AquaLab 3 Total Moisture Analyser
  • AquaLab PRE Water Activity Meter
  • AquaLab 4TE Water Activity Meter
  • AquaLab TDL Water Activity Meter
  • Miris Human Milk Analyser (HMA)
    GRAINTEC SCIENTIFIC Miris Human Milk Analyser
  • Coffee – Sinar BeanPro Meter