Collection: Gehaka

Gehaka since 1956 has been dedicated to the development of exceptional measuring instruments used in the agricultural segment, for control and assessment of the quality of grains and sub-products.

Available from Graintec Scientific are the state-of-the-art portable grain moisture meters from the globally recognised and ISO certified manufacturer. 

2 products
  • Gehaka 610i Portable Grain Moisture Meter
    The Gehaka G610i Moisture Tester was specially developed to monitor and control field crops, grain drying and storage processes, with high performance and precision. Available from Graintec Scientific (Australia) |
  • Gehaka 650i Portable Grain Moisture, Impurity & Density Analyser
    The Gehaka G650i is the state-of-the art in compact grain moisture and foreign material tester. Available from Graintec Scientific (Australia) |