Grain Testing Equipment

The best way to know your product’s worth is by obtaining first-rate equipment to carry out accurate sampling and testing. 

Representative sampling and precise analysis are key to ensuring you are producing the highest quality product. With our range of accurately calibrated Grain Testing Equipment, you can easily determine and manage your harvest’s quality and maximise its value and your profit. 

48 products
  • 300mm Bag Spears
  • Agreto Hay Moisture Meter
  • Faba Bean / Field Pea Sieve
  • Fertiliser Density Balance - Portable
  • Defective Count Tray - Wheat
  • Barley Feed Sieve Slot 2.2 x 25 High
    Barley Feed Sieve Slot 2.2 x 25 High - Manufactured to Grain Trade Australia specifications |
  • Standard MaggyLamp
  • Nobbe Triers
  • Kestrel Weather Meter
  • Delmhorst Hay Moisture Meter
  • Perten DA 7250 – Feed, Pellets, Liquids, Dairy, Food
  • FOSS Infratec NOVA
    FOSS Infratec NOVA - Available at GRAINTEC SCIENTIFIC (Australia)