Moisture problems? Stop measuring only moisture content!

If you over-dry, it’s about money. If you under-dry, it’s about moisture issues: mold, texture issues, clumping, taste changes.

Moisture content alone can’t give you the answers you need to avoid this conundrum.

Introducing the AquaLab 3 Total Moisture Analyser


Rapid, reliable and repeatable

Without heating or changing the sample at all, the AquaLab 3 measures moisture easily and quickly. Put a sample in a cup, slide it into the instrument, and turn the dial. 60 seconds later, get a moisture content measurement that's 10 times the precision of the average moisture balance.

Better process control

The AquaLab 3 is designed so that it is fully stackable, saving space and allowing simultaneous moisture content readings. Its design ultimately and significantly contributes to production and in-process control.

On the inside, the moisture meter gives you the complete moisture picture. Confidently adjust the moisture content of your product while maintaining complete visibility on the impact to safety and quality.


Easy information and operation

The AquaLab 3 collects data automatically and makes it available in real time. Results are displayed in one glance on a ruggedized tablet interface solution. Furthermore, reports can be generated and shared to keep stakeholders in track.

Feature Summary

  • Fast: water activity and moisture content in 1 minute
  • Easy to use: precise measurements, minimal training
  • Expandable: connect and manage multiple AQUALAB 3 instruments with one iPad
  • Repeatable: certified standards for repeatability across users and locations
  • Multiple reading types: simultaneous moisture content readings
  • Optional block exchange program for annual calibration

Bottomline with this innovation is the major advantages especially in measurement and operation.

With these advantages now available to you by the AquaLab 3 Total Moisture Analyser, stop asking what your moisture analyser costs and start asking what conventional moisture methods are costing you.



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