The Adrona B300 is a highly efficient ultrapure water purification system utilising tap water as feed water.

Adrona B300 Tap Water System


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Adrona B300 is ultrapure water purification system which requires external water tank that use tap water as feed water (tap water system). There are 3 variations available: B300 Trace, B300 HPLC, B300 Bio.

The B300 is a new integrated Grade 2/ Grade 1 laboratory water system, replacing the customer-approved previous B30 model. 

The B300 has completely new electronics and software, providing a number of additional features: large colour touch screen, data logging capability, warning and alarm messages, a wide range of flow control options, the ability to connect multiple remote dispensers, Ethernet and USB interfaces, dispense report preparation, improved accuracy of conductivity and TOC measurements. 


  • Nominal Flow, Pure Water (To Storage Tank): 10 L/h
  • Dispense Rate, Ultrapure Water: 1.5-2 L/min

  • Reliable operation
  • Low running costs
  • Data logging option
  • Ethernet & USB interfaces
  • Dispense report preparation
  • Convenient 7-inch colour touch screen
  • Improved measurement accuracy
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Extensive flow control options

    Comparison Chart

    Adrona Tap Water System Comparison Chart | Graintec Scientific

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