Perten Falling Number 1000

Perten Falling Number 1000


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The Perten Falling Number 1000 (FN 1000) is Perten’s newest Falling Number® instrument model and offers many new benefits and improved features. It's a dual analysis system suitable for everyone who requires reliable analysis and high capacity.

Falling Number measurement is the international standard method for determination of alpha-amylase activity in grain and flour. The Perten Falling Number® System measures the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour to detect sprout damage, optimise flour enzyme activity and guarantee soundness of traded grain. Alpha-amylase activity is crucial for final product quality of bread, pasta, noodles and malt. Anyone handling wheat, barley, rye or sorghum intended for these applications will benefit from the Falling Number system.


Automatic water level control
Automatically controls the level in the water bath, improving consistency of results

Fungal Falling Number
Equipped to test flours with addition of fungal alpha-amylase

Altitude correction
Includes a sensor that alerts the operator to activate automatic correction when required.

Optimized analysis time
Can be set to a target FN value representing non-sprouted grain and will automatically stop the test once that value is reached—Then pushes down the stirrers and reports the result as greater than the input target value, i.e. "275+" or "300+"

Starts the test automatically when test tubes are placed in the water bath while awaiting confirmation from the operator

Insulated water bath
Designed with an insulated water bath and a plastic outer part on the cooling lid, making it safe to touch and protecting operators

Reduced steam
Turns off the water bath briefly at the end of tests, allowing operators to remove the tubes and cassette under reduced steam.

Automated water addition
No need to monitor water level and add water as this is done automatically

Touch screen operation
With intuitive user interface through a large color touch screen, making it easy to operate advance features such as blend calculation, malt addition, moisture correction and more

Equipped with 4 USB ports and one Ethernet port, enabling simultaneous use of printers, data capture connection, bar code readers and more.


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